No more war!

Vector and Ycee have squashed their feud. The rappers can be seen in the below clip performing together on stage.

Their beef started when Ycee dissed Vector over his punchlines on the track titled ‘King Kong’. “Yemi Alade was looking for Johnny because Walker had to walk”, the line in the track reads. This saw Ycee say “Lmao, WTF is that? Punchline no be by force!”

Fans of Vector slammed Ycee over his subtle shade. Vector also was believed to have been referring to Ycee during the Headies 2016 where he won Lyricist of They Year. He said, “I’m not the type to be against the progress of the movement so let all the hating miss me with the bullshit,”

However, the duo recently performed at a show in Lagos. They blamed bloggers for ‘causing the beef.’ Watch the clip below.