Ubisoft and Pure Arts announced this new Assassin’s Creed statue today, which is both exquisitely-detailed and insanely-priced.

Made from polyresin, the statue is a 1/4th scale model it weighs 20 pounds, and it is about 24 inches tall, so that price is actually pretty standard for something of this quality and size.

The collectible features Altair brandishing his iconic spring-loaded hidden blade standing atop an ancient brick tower reflective of the original game’s environment. The hero is seen materializing from the Animus synchronization, with blue electrifying shards running down the entire right side of the piece. Working with Ubisoft, Pure Art’s interpretation is fully game-accurate, with highly detailed texturing in Altair’s hooded uniform, leather sheaths and accessories, and facial features. LEDs take the piece to the next level, illuminating the blue digitization when powered by three AA batteries.