Uber is working on technology that could determine just how drunk passengers are when ordering a ride. According to CNN, Uber Technology Inc. filed a patent for a machine learning application that could accurately predict a user’s state of sobriety and alert the driver with this information.
The patent application describes artificial intelligence that learns how you typically use the Uber app, so it can better spot unusual behavior. Its algorithms weigh a number of factors, including typos, walking speed, how precisely you press in-app buttons, and the amount of time it takes, standing on the curb, to order a ride. Someone botching most words, swaying side-to-side on the curb, and taking 15 minutes to order a ride late on a Saturday, for example, is probably fairly intoxicated.

Uber’s patent also says it could, potentially, use the technology to deny rides to users based on their current state, or perhaps match them with other drivers with relevant skills or training.