Ride hailing company Uber has just filed for imitial oublic offering IPO listing under the New York Stock Exchange, Uber has achieved massive growth globally and claims a roughly 70% marketshare in the U.S., but it is still very much competing with Lyft .
According to Uber, it has some 91 million monthly active users who’ve either taken a ride or received an Uber Eats delivery. That number came from Q4 of 2018, and is up 35 percent from the previous year, with some 3.9 million drivers, and 1.5 billion trips in the quarter.

Uber also gave some insight on its self-driving car plans, saying “Along the way to a potential future autonomous vehicle world, we believe that there will be a long period of hybrid autonomy, in which autonomous vehicles will be deployed gradually against specific use cases while Drivers continue to serve most Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder, currently owns 8.6% of the company with 117.5 million shares, ranking as the third largest shareholder. Alphabet and SB Cayman 2 Ltd. are two other large shareholders of the company.consumer demand.”