Tyga Poses With Naked Mannequins For DuJour Magazine, Photos

Tyga Poses With Naked Mannequins For DuJour Magazine, Photos

Tyga is the cover star for the latest edition of DuJour magazine. For the cover photoshoot, the rapper posed with naked Kylie Jenner look-alike mannequins.

In this edition, Tyga talked about his lifestyle, career, fashion and more.

According to the reported, they spotted a Kylie Jenner look-alike hanging out at Tyga’s fncy abode when they showed up.

“As a photo crew and styling team lug gear up the 26-year-old rapper’s steep stone driveway, a young, bleary-eyed Kylie Jenner lookalike is huddled outside the gate, shivering in the light drizzle. Chez Tyga is one of six houses on a locked-off street high above the Sunset Strip, with no visible address, reachable only by the kind of byzantine, narrow roads that make UPS drivers hold their breath. The girl’s hair is matted and slept-on, the extension tape visible from the back, and she taps her toe nervously while awaiting her ride. She is clearly wearing last night’s shorts.”

Speaking about Kanye West, he said,

“You learn something by just having a conversation with him,”. “And he listens, and that’s the thing I do…I listen to everybody and then I take it and put my own thought on it. That’s just how life is. God puts us in places. It’s for you to make the decision whether you go left or right.”

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