One of the biggest leaders in social media, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, doesn’t even own a laptop? Can you believe that?
During a recent press breakfast (via Mashable), Dorsey was asked about his personal online security methods, referencing a photo of Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop having tape over his webcam… and he revealed the random news.
“I don’t have a laptop, no, I do everything on my phone,” he answered. “It was important to me because I turn off my notifications, and for me it’s one application at a time. So, I just have one app up, and I can really focus on what’s in front of me instead of everything coming at me as I would a laptop.”

Furthermore, Dorsey said he uses diction and other voice typing applications, instead of typing.
“When we’re having meetings, phones down, laptops closed so we can actually focus and not just spend an hour together but make that time meaningful — and if that time is 15 minutes, then it’s 15 minutes, we move on with our lives,” he explained. “If we have our phones open, if we have our laptops open, and all these things are coming up, we just get distracted.”
While it may not be too out of the norm for someone to live life without a laptop, especially with the power of smartphones, for the CEO of a major social media platform, it’s surprising.