The list is out showing the 2019 Instagram rich list and is led by Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande.

Hopper HQ, a company which is focused on providing Instagram tools has released the top 10 list of top earners on the platform. The list is based on internal data, agency rate cards and public information.

It’s no surprise to see Kylie Jenner leading the list, and recently being announced the youngest self-made billionaire ever by Forbes.

She accumulates her earnings from Kylie Cosmetics’ which climbed 9% in revenues, raking in an estimated $360 million last year and now the company is worth at least $900 million. This is also considering the rapid growth, booming beauty industry and profits from the business.

Jenner uses social media for the marketing part and it is without a say considering her massive following across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

Another worthy mention is Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson who is on the no.6 on this list – but how he coins the money is what’s interesting.

Johnson shows he’s about serious money and that includes talking about movies on his social media. Last year, Variety revealed that he charges atleast $1 million to promote his own movies on Instagram. That is beside scoring a $22 million paycheck for his next movie ‘Red Notice’ expected in 2020.

Want access to Johnson’s 104 million Instagram followers? It’s going to cost you. The “Rampage” star is asking for a $1 million social-media fee as part of his package for the upcoming “Red Notice”; that includes promoting the film on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Here is the Top 10 list of highest earning celebrities on Instagram ‘per post’ :


#1 Kylie Jenner

👥 140 million followers
💵 $1,266,000 per post


#2 Ariana Grande

👥 159 million followers
💵 $996,000 per post




#3 Cristiano Ronaldo

👥 173 million followers
💵 $975,000 per post


#4 Kim Kardashian

👥 143 million followers
💵 $910,000 per post


#5 Selena Gomez

👥 153 million followers
💵 $886,000 per post


#6 Dwayne Johnson

👥 148 million followers
💵 $882,000 per post


#7 Beyonce Knowles

👥 129 million followers
💵 $785,000 per post


#8 Taylor Swift

👥 119 million followers
💵 $748,000 per post


#9 Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

👥 122 million followers
💵 $722,000 per post


#10 Justin Bieber

👥 115 million followers
💵 $722,000 per post