Basking in the euphoria of her ‘Celia’ album, Tiwa Savage revealed in her interview with Dotty on Apple music that she hopes other women get inspired by her tenacity.

On overcoming her challenges and fear, Tiwa expressed that she hopes her ‘Celia’ album creation story would inspire other women to go all out for their dreams withstanding the challenges they might be going through. In her words:

“I believe that this can be like a motivation for other women, like whatever it is that you are going through, whatever stage of life you are, you just have to work through the fear, work through it.”

African Bad Gyal and Mummy Jamjam as she is also referred to, expressed in her interview with Dotty that in spite of all the challenges present at that time, she was still able create what turned out to be her best album so far ‘Celia’, even though she was in a place of fear. Tiwa highlighted her challenges and how she turned it around:

In the beginning of the year, I took out like a whole month, I didn’t listen to anything, I had a camp in Nigeria, I rented out like 9 rooms, I didn’t even see my family, I was there day in day out. I also worked from pain like, I was under pressure, I was about to turn 40, I was scared, I was nervous, I was just signed to Universal, I wasn’t with Mavin anymore, there was just so much that was happening in my life, like I was coming from a very scared place when worked on Saviour, and I decided that I was going to do it even though I’m scared and you know if it becomes a success, which it has become for me like my best work.