The legendary ford mustang becomes the most expensive mustang in the world, The  Shelby Mustang 1967 GT500 Super Snake was a one of a kind prototype that Carroll Shelby had built for a tire test conducted by Goodyear.

Originally predicted to auction for $1.1-$1.2 million USD , the one-off prototype was too expensive for series production as it cost Ford double what it took to manufacture the then standard GT500. The last time this one-and-only Super Snake sold, it went for $1.3 million USD at auction in 2013.

The original Super Snake features braided brake lines, an external oil cooler, a remote oil filler, stiff shocks, and stiff springs. Although it was made 50 years ago, its 520 horsepower isn’t far off from the recently-revealed GT500‘s “over 700 horsepower.” Carroll Shelby, the automotive designer/racer the Super Snake’s engine gets its namesake, even drove this Mustang in a top speed run, maxing out at 170 mph.