Burglars have carried out a massive raid on a German Museum on Monday morning carting away valuable antiques believed to be worth a billing euros.

The police in Germany are currently on the chase for bandits who broke into the very popular museum, ‘Dresden castle’ on Monday and stole valuables over 850million Euros.

Following the break-in, the thieves reportedly plundered generations’ worth of precious stones and jewellery from the museum, which contains Europe’s largest collection of treasures.
A police spokesperson said on Monday morning, “The crime scene group is on-site; the perpetrators are on the run.”

The Dresden energy provider Drewag confirmed that a power supply box under the nearby Augustus Bridge had been on fire at the time of the burglary. German police have not confirmed yet whether the fire had been set on purpose to interrupt the power supply to the state art collections in the museum.

“Total darkness” prevailed around the building as streetlights were off because of the interruption of power supply, said Volker Lange, head of the Dresden criminal police.

The perpetrators entered the Residence Palace through a window. Despite the shutdown of power supply, a surveillance camera caught some footage, which showed two perpetrators, Bild reported.

According to Lange, two burglars were detected by a security camera inside the building. However, it could not be ruled out that other accomplices were involved.