After almost a decade-long run, AMC‘s The Walking Dead is concluding in its 11th season. Although the release of the final season of the zombie apocalypse series has yet to be confirmed, AMC has recently aired a 10-second teaser clip after March 22nd’s season 10, episode 20 premiere.

The trailer reveals very little, but points the show towards a new environment for the show’s final season. The clip highlights a shot that appears to be taken from inside a train carriage. Audiences are focused on the subway platform where a graffiti message on the wall reads, “If there is a God he will have to beg for my forgiveness.” The ominous message is accompanied by panicked breaths as heard in the soundtrack of the clip.

Den of Geek notes that the original comic series sees the final setting of The Walking Dead to take place in a community named The Commonwealth. The Commonwealth only contains 50,000 citizens and has its own established economy. The publication states, “Of course, this teaser could be entirely metaphorical and meant to suggest that season 11 will take place in a more urban environment without a literal subway system. It’s more likely, however, that this teaser is intended to establish urban vibes or that the plot will make a pitstop in another major city at some point. Either way, the teaser sets an interesting new tone for this final season.”

The final season of The Walking Dead arrives this summer 2021.