Upcoming brand Paq has unleashed the official lookbook for its debut collection, just after receiving some major support from rapper Kendrick Lamar this past NBA All-Star Weekend.

Billed as a “conceptual creative agency” that specializes in “design, art direction, photography, film & fashion,” paq is a multi-discipline artistic force that is hoping to impact all aspects of the modern zeitgeist. To help introduce the public to its vision, the brand has put together a straightforward, accessible and on-trend range of branded outerwear pieces, pants, t-shirts accessories; for the color palette expect blue, gray, red and yellow. Most notably, the standout red pullover prominently featured in today’s editorial was the item worn by Kendrick Lamar during is NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 run.

You can head on over to the brand’s official website for additional information.

See more photos of the lookbook below: