Sweden’s Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by US rapper ASAP Rocky against his detention over a Stockholm street brawl despite his lawyer’s plea that the star was not a flight risk and protests by fans and leading hip-hop stars.

Asap Rocky named Rakim mayers was arrested in sweden for public brawl, The court then gave the prosecutor until July 19 to decide on whether to press charges.

However the prosecutor requested the deadline be extended to next week as they needed more time to complete the investigation, which the court granted.
Mayers’ lawyer Slobodan Jovicic called the court’s decision disproportionate.

He said that it was unreasonable to assume Mayers was a “flight risk” since not returning for a potential trial could mean that the rapper would never be able to visit Europe again, for fear of getting arrested.

“I am very disappointed, even though this was very much expected, given (Sweden’s) regulations for detentions and that it’s very easy to detain someone,” Jovicic told reporters following the decision.

Jovicic also said that if the prosecutor does press charges and the case goes to trial he was confident that “Mayers in the end will be acquitted and that he will be able to go home”.

The rapper has claimed he was acting in self-defence, reacting to the provocations of two young men who harassed and followed him and his entourage.

Three other people were arrested alongside Mayer and one of them — the rapper’s bodyguard – was later released.

Part of the incident was captured in a amateur video published by US celebrity news outlet TMZ.