According to reports, the grand 1997 GMC Suburban Notorious B.I.G was riding before he was finally shot has gone up for sale at an auction house. This comes after the BMW carrying Tupac Shakur moments before his death in Las Vegas was listed for sale. According to TMZ, the timing is not coincidental. The auction house, Moments in Time, was contacted by the previous owners of the SUV after they witnessed the listing of the BMW.

The GMC was purchased in 1997 through a broker and the owners were unaware of the car’s history until an LAPD detective contacted them in 2005 in connection with a trial. With over 100,000 miles, the vehicle has since been restored with little evidence of its past, with the exception of a bullet hole in front seatbelt. At $1.5 million, the vehicle is listed as the same price as Pac’s Beemer. Check out the listing here.