The Spanish FA and La Liga have announced that they would continue with the five substitutions per team for the 2020-2021 season. The five substitution rule was first introduced as a short term plan for all teams in Europe to prevent injuries and fatigue, due to the enforced break caused by the coronavirus pandemic causing a very tight fixture schedule for all teams.

Each team’s matchday squad will also be allowed to have 23 players, from which managers will field 11 to start and up to 5 from the bench. However, substitutions must be made only during three periods throughout the match, meaning that, by force, a team must make multiple switches at the same time if they want to use up all their subs.

However, La Liga is the only league in Europe’s top five leagues to make the temporary five substitutions permanent, and the rule now appears to remain permanent.

This isn’t the first time the substitution rule has amended. Originally, football allowed no substitutions. It then became one, then two, and finally three in 1995. A fourth substitute in extra time in some competitions was allowed starting in 2014.

The new changes would take effect from the resumption of football in Spain’s top two tiers of football in the 2020-2021 season.