EX Manchester united Legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson would return to watch his darling manchester united for the first time since his emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage back in may.

The Manchester United page tweeted an image of the 13-time Premier League winner with the “Welcome back to Old Trafford, Sir Alex”.

The Ex Manchester united boss gave an update on his condition before the match.

“I am really good, obviously it has been a long journey. Yeah, I’m really good,” he said..

“Well, I’m a bit nervous to be honest with you, a bit tense, my last game was Arsenal back in April. It’s a long time, but it is great to be back and I hope we get a win today.”

“I don’t miss this! This is the pressure, we used to hammer these press guys with their stupid questions! It is great to be back at the stadium, and it is going to be a bit emotional. It was about getting the right rest and right time before I came back.

“It is bound to be (emotional). I will be glad when I get it over with and when the game starts, enjoy it.”

United have urged supporters to be in their seats for 2.45pm to welcome Ferguson back, with an on-pitch presentation expected.