The new commercial titled “Growing up”highlighted the limitations of having an iPhone starting from 2007. It poked fun at older iPhones running out of space due to their non-expandable storage. It then showed how the Galaxy Note’s display size is more practical with its S Pen. The 2016 segment mocks the lack of water-resistance, while 2017 is the year of the dongle.

The whole point of Samsung is that they are always ahead of Apple, at least in terms of hardware, and that Apple fans are not as enthusiastic as the years go by. That included the hero of the ad: an iPhone addict who switched to a Galaxy Note 8.

The Ad also highlighted  lack the of usable storage on the 16GB iPhone 4, mocks the iPhone 5S for its ‘small’ 4-inch display when compared to the 5.5-inch screen of the Galaxy Note 3.

Moving forward to 2016, the South Korean tech company lightly ridicules Apple for being behind it in failing to add water resistance to the iPhone 6, while a Galaxy S7 Edge can survive a dunk in the drink without needing a rice bath afterwards to dry it out.

Rolling on to 2017, and Samsung’s advert raises a metaphorical eyebrow at Apple’s decision to drop the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, and that it lagged behind the Galaxy S8 in offering wireless charging.

Concluding, the advert’s iPhone fan switches over to a Galaxy Note 8, and wanders past the people queuing for an iPhone X shaking his head at them in a rather smug manner.