In one of richard branson’s most memorable ventures of 2017, the business magnate built an 80-foot steel octopus to sink one of the remaining boats involved in the 1941 attack on pearl harbour — the kodiak queen. the historical navy ship, which was sunk off the coast of virgin gorda, is now an underwater art installation and marine life habitat.

The Kodiak Queen, one of the last boats to survive World War II’s Pearl Harbor bombings, was purchased by the magnate as the basis of an art installation and artificial marine life environment. Over the course of nine months, a team of artists, divers and more outfitted the boat with a wire-frame kraken sculpture, carving out areas of the ship for divers to explore and sea life to thrive in. Over the summer, the ship was set out to sea and sunk with the kraken effigy. The site is now teeming with fish and other fauna, and it’s open for divers to explore.

Interested parties can investigate the sunken ship for themselves off the coast of Virgin Gorda. In related news, Branson recently confirmed an investment in Hyperloop One.