Remember Chamillionaire ? He is now a start Up investor

You probably know Chamillionaire from the hit song “Ridin,’” but did you know the Grammy Award winner is also a successful startup investor? He had tried his hands on start ups like cruise which sold to General Motors and Maker studios which sold to Disney.
Now he has a new startup company called CONVOZ. The team did a soft launch of the social media app last summer and now they’re ready to get the word out to the world.
Convoz allows people to upload 15-second clips, often addressed to particular celebrities. They can then watch and choose which ones they want to respond to, sometimes broadcasting a message for all to see..

what is Convoz?
Chamillionaire says that the video-centric platform aims to be “the place where you go to talk to people.” He wants Convoz to be an app where people converse face-to-face with stars like Shaq or find new friends with common interests.

Checkout videos below

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