Bespoke and ready-to-wear brand Niiffe has unveiled its new lookbook titled Celebrate You, for the chic modern woman.

The statement following the release reads:

What comes to mind when someone suggests that you “celebrate yourself”?

Does your inner voice reply, Yeah, sure, as soon as I get that promotion, I’ll throw myself a party.

Celebrating yourself is an act of self-compassion because it increases self-kindness and decreases self-criticism.

For women, this can be challenging, because we’re taught to put everyone and everything first — our job, our business, our kids, our spouse, family.

Rather than always worrying about outcomes and only focusing on goals, celebrating reminds you to enjoy your journey.

See more photos of the lookbook below.

Wardrobe: Niiffe @yourniiffe
Creative Direction: Ebere Lisa @theeberelisa
Photography: Sola Animashaun Production @solanimashaun
Models: Lhurve Davies @lhurvedavies and Pecy Ugo @_beautiful_distraction
Location: Kohinoor @kohinoorlagos