R. Kelly accuser Asante McGee in a feature for NBC News detailed his abusive behaviors towards her. Asante McGee, who was also featured in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, broke down the sexual misconduct Kelly allegedly subjected her to.

While Asante says she wasn’t aware of the red flags at the beginning of their relationship, she started to find the things he asked her to do to be weird. She explained that Kelly flew her out to Chicago in 2016, only to have her sit in a van for eight hours, adding, “I should have just left him then, but I was just so in love with him.”

She also claimed that Kelly always wanted her to speak in a soft voice like a little girl, explaining, “He always wanted me to talk like a little girl. He would tell me what to say, I would repeat it, and he would keep telling me, ‘No. Do it different, do it a little softer,’ until I got to the voice that he wanted. I thought it was odd, but then I thought that maybe it was just a role play for him.”

Asante went on to claim that R. Kelly trained the other girls living with him to tattle on one another if they were breaking his rules, including not using their cell phones outside of their rooms. She also said that there were people constantly watching them to report back their actions to R. Kelly if they did anything that he wouldn’t like. 

Asante concluded, “When I did leave that house, I had to gather my thoughts; everything that had gone on there didn’t feel like reality to me. But once I realized that it was real, I felt I needed to do something. Especially having seen those two girls in that home, I thought that their parents could have not known what was going on and could have not been okay with their daughters being in those situations with an older man.

“My goal in speaking out was for those children — those girls — to go back home and live teenage lives. I wanted them to get in the kind of trouble that normal teenagers do, to fuss and fight with their parents, go to college, have the experiences that young people have, and just enjoy life.”