Britain’s Prince Charles on Monday marked the 50th anniversary of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, granting the official title Prince of Wales to her eldest son and heir to throne.

The Prince of Wales has been praised for his “extraordinary” dedication, support and love of the Welsh people as he celebrates the 50th anniversary of his investiture.

Charles’ wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and sons, Prince William and Prince Harry and their wives Kate, the duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, also attended the event in March.

Clarence House, Charles’ official residence in London, published photographs and a history of his associations with Wales on Monday.

Among “50 facts” about Charles, 70, Clarence House revealed that he buys his socks from the Welsh firm Corgi.

Corgi’s website offers men’s “Prince of Wales” hand-knitted cashmere socks in nine colours for 95 pounds (120 dollars) a pair

Since the 14th century, male heirs to the British throne have normally held the title Prince of Wales.

King Edward I made his eldest son, later Edward II, the first English Prince of Wales in 1307.

Charles has been first in line to the throne to succeed the 93-year-old queen since her father, King George VI, died in 1952.

He became the Prince of Wales in 1958 and was formally granted the title by his mother at the 1969 ceremony