Known for its ultra-slim watches, Piaget, has introduced its latest Altiplano model. Although its only a concept, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept is the thinnest mechanical watch the world has ever seen.

The watch, debuted at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, measures up to a minuscule 2mm, or just under 0.08 inches. To bring this incredible concept to fruition, Piaget had to concoct a new construction method. By utilizing the case as the watch movement’s main plate, the designers were able to build watch components on top of it, instead of building a movement inside the case. 

Certain things had to be jettisoned — the power reserve barrel no longer has a cover, and instead occupies an indented area of the case, and bridges are removed wholesale. Similarly, instead of using a normal winding mechanism, a key is used to power the watch up after its 44-hour reserve is drained.

Check out more pictures below.