With the Russia 2018 FIFA world cup looming behind, world renowned photographer Juergen Teller is said to start a football exhibition during the world cup.
The exhibition is titled “Juergen Teller: Zittern auf dem Sofa” (German for “Panic on the Sofa”) and will be composed of videos of Teller watching every game played by Germany during the month-long tournament in what is being described as a “mesmerizing form of self-examination.”

Teller started filming himself watching football following Germany’s 2-0 loss to Brazil in the 2002 World Cup final. According to Teller, the footage of his own lack of self control was “the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.”

In addition to the videos, the exhibition will also include a number of old and new photographs shot by Teller that touch on themes important to this summer’s events and the artist’s own life.

Flip through some of those photographs above and leave your thoughts on the one-of-a-kind project in the comments.

The exhibition opens June 8 and runs until August 19.