Paris Hilton graces the December 2017 cover of Ocean Drive Magazine, posing in a gown from Moschino Couture 

Photographed by Warwick Saint, the 36-year-old blonde beauty shines in colorful dresses and gowns from designer brands like Versace, Oscar de la Renta and Maria Lucia Hohan.

In her interview, Paris talks about whether she would do another reality television show.

“I literally get calls every single day from every network, form every single producer in town pitching me different ideas, but I feel like ‘The Simple Life’ was just so iconic and one of a kind that you can’t replicate that. I can’t see it going better than that show. My priorities are different. I’m running a huge business and I’m traveling. I don’t really have time to do a bunch of fake drama on a reality show.”

See more photos of the editorial below.