Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto Escobar is considering suing Elon Musk, Roberto, is claiming Musk “ripped off” his idea of making Flame throwers and beat him to the finish. So now, he’s come up with his own version of the gadget, and it looks like he’s feeling fired up too, as he’s even considering taking legal action against Musk.

The Boring Comany is the “infrastructure and tunnel construction” company that Elon Musk founded back in late 2016. Though it’s name might lead you to believe that it’s…well boring; Musk has also managed to sell 50,000 simple black capsinscribed with the company name, as well as 20,000 flamethrowers (or “not flamethrowers”) which look kinda like adult water guns.

It is suggested that back in 2017, Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto met one of Musk’s engineers with the idea of developing a toy flamethrower, which could burn money. While the 2017 meeting never came to a conclusion, Musk’s Boring Company announced the Not A Flamethrower in 2018, igniting the anger flames amongst the Escobars.