When conversations about the greatests of all time– GOATs in the Nigerian music industry come up, Olamide Adedeji, popularly known by his first name which is his professional name, is always included. Also referred to as ‘Baddoo’, Olamide has stayed relevant in the competitive and ever-evolving industry for 10 years by regaling music lovers with his hard-hitting bars mostly done in Yoruba language and energetic afrobeats-infused choruses to serve a rich flavour of what we have come to know as street-hop.

This is a feat lauded by most Nigerians as he opened up a pathway to commercialise and dominate the airways with the street-hop genre. However, in typical human nature, not everyone seems to be impressed by his achievements and his GOAT status has now been questioned by a user of the notorious bird app who claims that Olamide is not a fantastic artiste and should not be included in the conversation of Nigerian music industry GOATs.

In a full tweet by a user called “@Bagofnuts_” on the 5th of January 2020, “Olamide is not a fantastic artist. He thrives on the fact that the music industry is 70% Yoruba. There’s no reason he should be in any GOAT conversation, the top 3 are clear. Exactly why he has little international recognition.”

Ever since the tweet was made, Nigerians have sprung up to share their different takes on whether Olamide deserves the GOAT status or not, with many recounting and stating reasons why he is worthy of the legendary position. Here are some of the reactions from people who have termed the statement slander and are reinforcing his position in the industry;

The conversation continues and most people are in agreement that Olamide belongs in the category of music industry GOATs but do you think international recognition should matter when evaluating a musician’s success?