OJB Jezreel Talks Kidney Foundation

OJB Jezreel Talks Kidney Foundation

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Nigerian producer and singer OJB Jezreel talked about his Kidney foundation.

Jezreel also revealed how he wants to run the foundation and help people.

OJB said:

“So what we are looking at is to start a social business, something that allows the investors to have something to earn and at the same time do the CSR pat of it which is where we come in from the foundation,”

“The social business…is giving back in two ways, organize a talent show, get people on the talent show, whatever revenues come out from there, the sponsors or whatever it is a certain percentage goes into the foundation”

“We want to see how we can in the next one year to put a dialysis centre together, even though its one or two. The truth is how many people can you really carry out to say you want to go and do surgery for but it is easier to say let me do a dialysis. Let’s do that. Let’s try and take care of that because in America people are on dialysis machines for like ten years, fifteen years.”