Golden state warriors superstar Steph Curry and Brazilian mega football star Neymar Jr linked up in The Players’ Tribune‘s latest Crossover episode to talk about all things life. Though the two stars don’t normally cross paths, the interview was able to come into fruition during Curry’s recent trip to Paris. Seeing that Neymar is currently playing for the capital’s famed football club, Paris Saint-Germain, the pair up is that of a sport fan’s dream come true.

The pair Hanging out in the oldest basketball park in the world, the two touch upon life, family, and the exact moment they knew they wanted to be sports star. On top of all the conversation, Neymar and Curry were able to take the time out to play a friendly game of basketball.

“When you were a kid, what was the exact moment when you realized that you wanted to do this for a living? When did you have that click?

Steph: That moment for me, when I knew basketball was going to be my life … I was six years old, playing in a rec league in North Carolina, where I grew up. And there was probably 15 people in the stands. There was a two-on-one fast break and I had the ball. And the defender came over to guard me, and instead of like making normal a chest pass or bounce pass, or a regular layup, I like jumped in the air, and then did like this 360 behind-my-back pass. It was right on target, and my teammate, he laid it up. And all 15 fans in the crowd went crazy. And, obviously, it was pretty muted. But that was the moment that my creativity kind of came out and I knew there was going to be that type of reaction. So, I knew at that point that basketball was fun for me and I loved to do it, so … that was it. What about you?

Neymar: I had two moments when I was a little boy, three years old. When my mom asked me what kind of present I wanted, and I started running, crossed the street and I chose a football. The second moment, when I was six, seven years old, when Santos won a championship. And I went with my father to celebrate with all the fans and I saw all the players walk by us in a special car, a carnival-like car, and I waved to them, saying goodbye. After these two moments I said to myself, I want to be a footballer.

 Peep the full video below