NASA and the European Space Agency will pay you $19,000 to lie in bed for 60 days in order to determine how weightlessness affects the human body.

When astronauts are in space, the weightlessness caused by micro-gravity can cause changes to human’s bodies that can ultimately lead to bones and muscles breaking down and fluid moving toward a person’s head, according to NASA.

Scientists at the German Aerospace Center have been commissioned by the European Space Agency and NASA to conduct a study on how they can counteract the effect of weightlessness. Instead of floating around in a weightless environment, instead participants will stay in bed, simulating the effects caused by micro gravity.

For the next phase of the Agbresa (Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study), the DLR seeks 12 men and 12 women who will spend their days and nights in beds angled downward by 6 degrees, propped up with their feet at an incline above their heads, with one shoulder touching the mattress at all times. This position reduces blood flow to the extremities, like astronauts in space experience.