The Lost Tapes 2 is coming! It’s been almost a year since the release of Nas’ last album, Nasir, the album entirely produced by Kanye West during the Wyoming sessions.

But we don’t have to wait much longer if we’re going to go by Nas’ latest social media posts.

The hip-hop icon has officially announced the long-awaited sequel to his 2002 collection of unreleased music. Taking to Instagram, Nas posted a video of himself in a white lab coat holding a broken white cassette tape with The Lost Tapes II written on it.

“👀 Lost Tapes II,” he captioned it.

The first installment of The Lost Tapes was released in September 2002 and it has been praised as one of Nas best album. The project consisted of unreleased tracks that were leftover from the making of Nas’ 1999 album I Am… and his 2001 album, Stillmatic. The Lost Tapes II has been teased for many years, but it looks like Nas is finally ready to let it go.