Former Starboy singer, L.A.X, told Saturday Beats in a new interview that he doesn’t feel threatened by rave of the moment, Mr. Eazi.

L.A.X also said Wizkid is a big brother to him and he’s not at war with ‘Daddy Yo’. He also urged people to stop spreading rumors about his relationship with Wizkid.

According to L.A.X,

“To be honest, I am tired of people asking me about my relationship with Wizkid. I still spoke to him on Monday and he actually posted my new song on his social media account on Monday night. Wizkid and I are like brothers and I was at his house some days back. We are currently recording a song together for my album. Everything is great between us; the only thing is that people don’t actually like to see people grow. I have grown from the time when we used to go around and sing the songs we did together, ‘Caro’ and ‘Ginger.’ He was the one that introduced me to the world and I really appreciate all his efforts in building my career.

“Wizkid and I have no issues, we are fine and he is like a big brother to me. I am starting my own movement. It is not a record label but I call it a movement, the ‘Rasaki Movement.’ I would have other artistes and video directors that would work with me. Wizkid and I are family and if you see his tweet, he says it every time,”

On Mr. Eazi, he said,

“When you look at some record labels and the artistes that have left, people tend to have a certain perception about it. I am not about to start talking about that. I am speaking about my songs, my works and I am not about to start any controversy. ‘Speaking of Mr. Eazi taking my shine, I don’t think that is true but I am not even ready to talk about that. I have no comment on that.”