MI Abaga Talks Jesse Jagz, Brymo

MI Abaga Talks Jesse Jagz, Brymo

In a recent interview with Naij, MI Abaga talked about Jesse Jagz, Brymo and more.

MI said Brymo and Jesse Jagz made their best music outside the Chocolate City.

The Chocolate city CEO said “It’s curious [to know] that both Brymo and Jesse made possibly their best music outside Chocolate City.

“It’s thrilling, remarkable too. With Brymo it’s been interesting listening to the kind of music he’s made and is making because it’s absolutely brilliant… So bold, so fearless and I just wish him true success.”

Speaking futher, MI said his brother Jesse Jagz made one of the best albums in the industry.

In his words, “As for J, I can say he made unarguably one of the best albums in the industry after Tuface Idibias’s hit album. And really, if not second best, it definitely is in top five best albums so far from here, I’m talking about Jesse’s Thy Nation Come,”

Jesse is back to Chocolate City while Brymo said he won’t go back to his former record label.