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Viemens Bamfo is the child genius who says he wants to become Ghana’s president when he turns 40, while many 12-year-olds are still navigating their way through the early stages of secondary school (or one or two stages higher if they’re really smart).

The case with this child genius Viemens Bamfo, is however different as the 12-year-old boy has gained admission into the University of Ghana. Of the 2900 freshmen who will be starting university, he is (unsurprisingly) the youngest of the cohort, according to Nigeria’s Pulse.

Bamfo, along with his older brother who recently graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, was home-schooled by his father Robert Bamfo, due to financial constraints. The father says that he never anticipated that his efforts would yield such unprecedented results. Describing his teaching method, he said:

“We used the Cambridge syllabus and the WASSCE syllabus so I understood some basic things about [them]…What I teach first is dictionary skills so that the child is able to pronounce every word correctly. We do the phonetic skills and once that is done I teach Latin…for the sciences I do not give notes.”

The father prepared Bamfo to take the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private students, which he passed effortlessly. Bamfo will now reportedly be studying Public Administration with hopes of becoming the president of Ghana when he’s older.

When asked why, the young boy said; “I want to become the President of Ghana, I want to lift high the flag of Ghana and make Ghana a truly independent country like China, the US, Britain and other countries.”

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