Meek Mill is currently working on his next studio album titled ‘Wins & Losses’. The MMG rapper has revealed the concept behind the album. “I’m just breaking down the wins and losses of my life,” he said, “what molded me to being Meek Mill, the trials and tribulations of my life that made me as strong as I am today.”

During his chat with Spotify, Meek expounds on this theme. “I’m still trying to find the definition of a win and a loss,” he continued. Reflecting on life, he explained how losing his protégé Lil Snupe at the age of 18 was a true loss.”

“When I got my first deal, signed with Rozay, that was a win,” he added. “When I lost my freedom and caught my case, it was kind of like a win too. The judge put me through a lot, sent me back and forth to jail, but it taught me a lot. It started out as a loss but I turned it into a win. So it’s all about how you looking at this shit because I feel like I’m dreaming. You can’t make me feel like I’m losing. That’s why, through all this shit, I always stayed chin up.”

Plus, the DC rapper shared some new rhymes with an a cappella performance about wins, losses, and a certain woman. “Tell me I’m losing, what do you mean?” he raps. “Westbrook, baby, no switching teams / Drop a triple double every time I’m on the scene / I won’t claim that bitch, that’s Billie Jean / She’s not my lover / Lethal weapon, Danny Glover / O.J. style when I cut her.”