Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has added the author feather to her growing résumé, as she has launched a new children’s book titled, ‘Sulwe’ – meaning ‘star’.

Sulwe is a children’s fiction book that follows the story of a young girl who wishes for her dark skin to be lighter. The story ultimately focuses on colourism, self-love and acceptance to help girls and boys embrace who they are, see the beauty that radiates from within and find the inspiration to ‘walk with joy in their own skin’.

According to Lupita, she wrote Sulwe, to be an inspiration for not just this generation but for the next generations to come, to draw inspiration from, to love their skin and let them know, it is never too late to “love the skin you are in.”

When I was younger, I had trouble accepting my skin,” the actress tells Good Morning America. “I grew up in Kenya around very many dark people, but I grew up with a lot of light skin on TV and in the books I read and it made me feel uncomfortable with my skin color.”

I had a younger sister that was born a lot lighter than me and she got … told how pretty she was, and I realized that it was in the omission of those words when it came to me that made me feel unworthy and so it took a while for me to find my stride and learn to love the skin I’m in. So I wrote this book to help little kids get there a little faster.”

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