Originally scheduled to be released on June 5, G-Eazy’s latest album ‘Everything’s Strange Here’ has dropped, but it is 3 weeks late. The Coronavirus has largely been negative for the world in general, but for a lot of artists, it’s provided the much needed break they needed to go back to the studio and work on new projects and experiment on sounds which they hadn’t tried, and one example of such artists, is G-Eazy.

“8 weeks ago I didn’t know I needed to make this,” G-Eazy wrote on social media. “The world has been turned upside down and inside out – but a lot of us have had the fortunate opportunity to self reflect, grow and evolve. This project is a representation of where my heart and head have been at. It’s honest and pure – it’s me. Take it or leave it – this is how I feel.”

‘Everything’s Strange Here’ is a 10 track project and has a playtime of slightly over half an hour, and features his previously released singles ‘Free Porn, Cheap Drugs’, ‘Had Enough’, ‘Nostalgia Cycle’ and ‘Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime’.

On his latest Instagram post, he captions it ‘Each Song represents a part of the journey’. Signifying the emotional attachment he had in creating the project and listeners should see the album as his life’s journey as a whole.