At the Gran Turismo Championship World Finals in Monaco this past weekend, the racing simulation game series unveiled its latest collaboration with Lamborghini. Teaming up once again, the duo has created the ultra-futuristic Vision GT.

The latest hypercar Gran Turismo concept was designed for the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport Sony PlayStation 4 title and is a single-seat racer with a hybrid V12 engine. Stepping into the car is supposed to feel like getting into a fighter jet with projected HUD displays placed around the driver. Despite getting such an in-depth look at the car, none of the performance capabilities of the car have been revealed.

According to Mitja Borkert, Director of Lamborghini’s design center, “The Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo was designed to be the best virtual car ever for all the young gamers and fans who love our brand. It is an opportunity for the genius and talent of our designers to fully express themselves and imagine a car that is not only fascinating and incredible to drive, but also reflects the design center’s commitment to developing innovative technologies, especially in the field of light materials and hybridization.”