In a exclusive interview with Pulse, Runtown who’s at war with his label talked on why he decided to terminate his contract with Eric Manny Records.

Speaking about the early days, he said, “I signed with Eric Many in May 2014, the first one is renewable upon 48 months, and the second one is renewable upon 60 months. We started working. Before EricMany I already did the ‘Gallardo’ video on my own, I paid N4.5 million for the video, exclusive of the money I used to push the song. You all know much it takes to push a song in Africa. I also did ‘Successful’, on my own.

The first video we did together was ‘Domot’, I noticed that when money started coming in from shows, I was having a lot bookings, and I noticed that the label started taking all the money. The contract stated that I get my percentage which is 35%, until when we recoup like half of what we invest in the career, then we will renegotiate the contract. I accepted and said let’s go ahead.”

On gun battle, Runtown said, “In 2014, I went to London, and the label started calling me and saying that ‘Why didn’t I tell anyone before going to London?’ I didn’t go to London for shows or anything, I went there for vacation. When I got back, I went to Mr Dilly’s house, and he started ranting, and asking ‘Why did I travel?’ I told him that it’s just like travelling to Enugu to see my mum, that it’s just London, just like anywhere, that the contract does not state that I cannot have personal travels.

The next thing, He (Dilly) pulled out a gun, and threatened me, and said he was going to f***k me up. I felt scared and confused. I didn’t go to London to do a show and they found out. I went there for my vacation. So the threats kept going on.”

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