Reality TV star and top model Kendall Jenner is Harper’s Bazzar‘s cover girl for the February 2018 issue.

In her feature for the magazine’s editorial spread, Kendall was interviewed by one of her close friends, Hollywood star Cara Delevingne.

Kendall speaks to Cara about how she feels since she turned 22, and a whole lot more.

“It fluctuates. Sometimes I feel like a complete kid when I’m running around with my friends being stupid for a week, and then sometimes I just want to sit in my house and sip tea and watch old movies like I’m 60. I feel like the life I live is extraordinary in a lot of ways but that it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. I’ve had to grow up pretty fast and deal with situations most 22-year-olds aren’t really put into. There are days and weeks and months when you just don’t stop”.

See more photos of the editorial below. 

Read her full Interview here.