The networth of jeff bezos has increased by nearly 5% after experiencing unprecedented demand amid widespread coronavirus-related shutdowns during the last four months. the e-commerce giants stock hit a new all-time high on tuesday, making the amazon CEO richer to the tune of $23.6 billion in 2020.

 The surge in stock value, which hit a new record close to $2,283 per share, makes amazon the first major company to rebound from the coronavirus market selloff. despite the coronavirus downturn and widespread business shutdowns, amazon has hired thousands more staff to deal with demand, benefiting from an increase in demand from consumers who are following social distancing measures and staying at home.

Due to increased shopping demands, Amazon has said it will prioritize the delivery of household essentials, such as sanitizers and baby formula. Earlier this week, the company announced it would institute a waitlist for customers of its Amazon Fresh service. Amazon is keeping its Whole Foods stores open, but with adjusted hours and a focus on online orders.

Certain Amazon Prime customers have seen up to a month of delay on shipping of other orders. The company is seeking an additonal 175,000 workers to meet the increased demand for online orders as many around the world are under orders to stay home.

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