Jay Rock Talks Kendrick Lamar on 'Project Hero'

Jay Rock Talks Kendrick Lamar on 'Project Hero'

TDE rapper, Jay Rock and Glasses Malone recently talked about community, peace and Kendrick Lamar’s fearless attitude in a new visual titled ‘Project Hero’.

Jay Rock said, “We don’t care who you is. Blood, Crip, Mexican, Chinese. You feel me? If you about doing something positive with yourself and your community, let’s join forces together. Cause they can’t stop us all if we all together…That’s what it’s about. Bringing unity, so our kids can grow up safe…Fearless, that’s how I can describe my little brother. With all the things that’s going on in our society today with our sisters and brothers being killed. Kendrick Lamar, he has stood up for peace and love in our community. When he could have just stood up for himself.”

Glasses Malane also said,

“I remember him rapping, but he was saying some shit that nobody 18 was really saying at the time. I hadn’t really ever heard even other great rappers at 18, saying the shit he was saying,”

Watch the video below.