is a traveler and a serious photographer, he was in Japan recently and the beautiful and artistic manhole covers caught his eyes.

Here is what he has to say about them;

Some house art in museums and galleries, while others underneath their feet. Everywhere I traveled in Japan, I saw artistic and intricate manhole covers. Absolutely stunning art in a place you never expect to see ART!

I love a country where they take the effort to make even a manhole cover look beautiful — not to mention just 12000+ designs of them!

When I did my research, it seems this phenomenon started in 1985. Municipalities were allowed to design their own manhole covers to raise awareness of the costly sewage projects.

Very soon, this became a craze and municipalities started competing.

What I came across & clicked are too few. This does give me another reason to go back (if I already didn’t have enough)!

Check out more pictures below;