‘I’ve Killed My Ego’- Kanye West

Kanye West has, by his own admission, become free.

He took to his Twitter today to share the news of his epiphany, noting that in his life he had let pride and ego rule him and guide his decisions, but now he is letting all that go. “I killed my ego,” he said.

The father of three went forward to admonish his fans saying, “Give without pride, be great without pride [because] your pride can be and will be used against you.”

He continued, “I killed my ego. Who or what is Kanye West with no ego? Just Ye.”

This interesting turning of event comes weeks after his catastrophic comment about slavery being a choice and also a re-declaration of support for Trump, which earned a major roasting from the black community.

Now, is Kanye saying that it was all his pride and ego speaking all those while? Well, we can’t to see how he handles his image henceforth.

See his tweets below.


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