Irina Shayk how she was being bullied by boys when she was younger.

The stunning Russian model might be the envy of women everywhere but she admits she used to get a lot of grief for her looks when she was a teen and got called names.

She explained to US’ OK! magazine: “When I was young guys actually made fun of me. I was tall and had darker skin and bigger lips, and they called me ‘Stick’ because I wore high heels.

“I would wear skirts – never pants – to school, and they were like, ‘Oh, look, Stick is walking around with her high heels!’ Yeah, that was sad.”

The Sports Illustrated star now appreciates her looks and tries to get as much sleep as possible to maintain them.

She said: “The best trick make-up trick is to get a lot of sleep – like, 12 hours. When I don’t sleep enough, I get cranky and crazy.”