Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia Morales, said she is not a trophy wife.

According to a post, she shared on Instagram today (Nov 10), she said she’s nothing but a strong woman who changes lives around her.

Sonia wrote, “I break the norms and I create them. I can not just “obey”. I don’t “serve”. I do MAGIC. I have superpowers. I change lives around me. I am my own kind of a woman. Imperfect, far from Saint, I am a trouble and a challenge. I’m not your boring and predictable “wife material”.

I have seen all shades of life and I don’t pretend. I embrace my own individual nature and that is what I am, the most unconditionally loved for by the only person in this whole Universe who can deal with me without being my weakness but my deepest strength.”