Sonia Morales seems to be in a good place after the storm as she has just revealed that she battled with depression for years.

The estranged wife of actor IK Ogbonna, in a post on her social media page, mentioned that she is now leaving her best life and she has never felt so good before.

She however mentioned that she had to fix up herself for her to be in this current state of happiness

I fixed myself up so damn well! To think I suffered from a serious depression for years and to be at the place of love,light and peace that I know today is magnificent.

Stating further, Sonia said this is just the beginning of her new life

Nothing more priceless then a journey of awakening and light…Here is a confession: in my entire life, I never felt this good, and I am very aware: its just a beginning! #ARealLifeMagic#SoniaLaReinaa