South African rapper, AKA had a sitdown with media personality, Adesope Olajide on his YouTube show, Afrobeats Podcast where they discussed on various aspects of his career from his stellar performance at live shows, to African greatness and its being the source of greatness. They also discussed on xenophobia in Africa, his resultant fight with Burna Boy,  and AKA in giving out a possible solution for this continental problem said, “the only way we can understand each other is through music and collaboration.”

On the show which aired on the 22nd of February, Adesope had then made mention of the rift that had eventually taken place in AKA and Burna Boy’s relationship during the heat of the South African against Nigerian xenophobia crisis. He’d also asked AKA for a possible solution to bring them back to collaborating. AKA had answered saying that he thinks the need to collaborate across countries, is bigger than he and Burna Boy and quoted other top transnational collaborators such as Focalistic and the huge Amapiano movement.

He further said,

“On a personal level, I haven’t spoken to him in a while, I got mad love for him, I respect his art, I respect him as a person. You know brothers can fight, in this instance it happened under the magnifying glass of the public. I don’t have any bad feelings towards nobody for none of that stuff that went down.”

Adesope also spoke to AKA about his latest project, his talk show and fatherhood before rounding up the interview. What do you think about AKA and Burna Boy’s fight? Do you think they can ever reconcile?