Back in June when it was time for the Premier League to resume, all the clubs were fired up, knowing their fates would be sealed in the space of 5 weeks. They knew they had to do all they could, some were fighting to avoid the drop, some fighting for European qualifications, while some were just trying to stay in the first half of the table.

Bournemouth finished a point below Aston Villa, thereby joining Watford and Norwich on their way to the Championship. That single point wouldn’t have existed, if a technological error hadn’t aided Aston Villa in their 0-0 draw against Sheffield, back in June. Aston Villa goalkeeper, Orjan Nyland carried the ball over the line, although as he was right by the post, with players from both teams nearby, the cameras didn’t pick it up. VAR could have overturned the ‘decision’ by Hawk-Eye but didn’t interfere.

After the match, the goal-line technology company apologised, stating”seven cameras located in the stands around the goal area were significantly occluded by the goalkeeper, defender and goalpost”.

On the final day of the season, Bournemouth needed a win to stay up, but also needed Watford and Aston Villa to lose. Bournemouth ended up winning, but the single point from June came to haunt them, as Aston Villa drew their match.

The Bournemouth board are set to meet with a possibility of chasing a compensation claim against Hawk-Eye, whose mistake may have contributed to their relegation from the Premier League.

It’s not certain that if Sheffield would have held on to win the game had the goal be counted, if they had, Bournemouth would have finished 17th, with two points above Aston Villa. With this it’s understandable how they feel cheated.