Gucci Unveils It’s Pre-Fall 2018 Campaign 

After Gucci celebrated Chinese New Year with a dog-centric capsule collection last month, now the luxury fashion house sets its sights on a past era for its Pre-Fall 2018 campaign.

Influenced by the counterculture spirit of 1968, Gucci puts together a lineup that takes its themes from the socially-conscious student movements of the time. Specifically, campaign photographer Glen Luchford pulls his inspirational cues from French Nouvelle Vague of ’50s and ’60s to create his own “radical” spin on high-end fashion editorials.

“Gucci’s take on youthful rebellion is at its heart romantic rather than angry,” reads an official press statement. “After-all, these young dreamers quote verse by bohemian symbolist poet Rimbaud and come together under the banner of Liberté, égalité, sexualité.

Check out another picture below. 

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